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It takes a team with the same vision to best serve success for a salon and our clients.  VskiSalon has hand picked a team based on personalities, skills, and passion.  


Chris is not only the owner of VskiSalon and VskiCosmetology but he is a stylist as well.  He has over 25 years of experience in the hair industry and has been an educator for over 10.  He has worked many hair shows as a National Platform Artist for years, and continues to do so along with teaching his very own business class to stylists and salon owners all across America.  When he’s not travelling being an educator/business mentor to others, he is in the salon making hair dance! He takes haircuts and works on the inside to evenly distribute weight to make it move and shake and grow out better than any haircut you’ve had before.  With color, he is amazing at making those pesky grays disappear with the added bonus of still loving your color even when you need to get back into the salon.  He aims to put you on a cloud the second you walk in the door, and with a large staff that looks up to him you will notice he definitely leads by example!


Jennifer’s motto is “Change isn't always a bad thing. Change can most often be the best thing!” She has been in the hair industry for 10+ years having all types of experiences with being a stylist first and foremost, previously owning a salon, being an educator as well as a licensed instructor and becoming a national platform artist. She takes pride in her elite education, communication, and service skills to empower her clients. Jennifer maintains an ongoing commitment to education, hair integrity and excellent attentive service to her clients. She is skilled in creative color placement as well as razor cutting and loves seeing movement and texture in hair. Just one specialty of hers is creating upstyles and modern evening styles for bridal parties and special events. She takes her time with each salon guest, always making sure that they feel special, and are excited to come back to see her.  Before each client leaves, Jennifer provides each of her clients with simple, at-home tips to gain the confidence and knowledge to keep their hair looking its best in between appointments. She loves every aspect of her career with the positive outlook of, "I love what I do! What's most important is that my salon guests leave my chair feeling happy and beautiful...or handsome."


Alexis is a Charleston native and a graduate from VskiCosmetology School. She has been in the hair industry since 2017.  She is a very personable person and loves creating relationships with her clients! Alexis loves all aspects of this industry  but her favorite thing is helping clients find their confidence from within!  As an licensed instructor for VskiCosmetology School she loves making connections with students and seeing each student flourish both in school and after they obtain their license!

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Dawn was born in Augusta, Ga but raised in St George, South Carolina. She has been in the industry since 2015 and loves making connections with her clients! She enjoys all aspects of the hair industry but loves being able to create dramatic changes for her clients! Dawn strives to make each of her clients feel beautiful or handsome and ready to take on the world when they leave her chair!

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Yuonne loves and appreciates all things beautiful! As a graduate from VskiCosmetology School, she has an absolute passion for what she does and wants to help match clients' outer beauty to their inner beauty! She can't wait to go on a hair journey with you!

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Krystal was Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Charleston where her natural talents and abilities were quickly discovered. Krystal has so much passion and appreciation for the industry and loves the fact that she gets to switch up her tasks throughout the day, allowing everyday to be a different beauty adventure. Krystal has worked backstage doing model prep for Scruples at the Orlando hair show and attended two training classes with the Scruples Academy in Mineapolis Minnesota. She is always looking for the new and upcoming trends in the industry, allowing her to give her clients the best service and experience.

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Rachel was born and raised in Charleston, SC and is a graduate from VskiCosmetology School. Rachel loves learning new techniques to provide the best colors and haircuts for her clients! She loves being able to express her creativity everyday while she creates lasting connections with her clients.