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" I love the interaction with the people sitting in my chair. I love the little twinkle in thier eye that says, "Wow, I feel really good! I look great and I am confident that I can recreate this look on my own" That to me is quite powerful. It does not matter how badly thier day has gone, in that moment they feel amazing, and their hairdesser has made them feel that way. " - TC


Our Story

At VskiSalon the experience you receive will be unlike any salon you’ve ever been to.  It’s a given that you should receive a good cut and color, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to sit down with your stylist and create a thorough plan for your hair? Having a plan ensures you are not only getting a good cut and color, but the best you’ve ever had in your life. 

Our Vision

Our design team understands the importance of a salon experience that supersedes! Hair is the personal accessory that speaks volumes about you, so the perfect cut and color is only the start of a client’s hair journey. Taking into consideration who you are and the look you want is the precise expertise of the VskiSalon Design Team upon your arrival.

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