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Business Building Seminars

State of the Art Facility in Charleston

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This course is designed to release some of the most important keys for personal growth, business growth, and salon growth. Chris Venesky has experienced all avenues of the salon industry and wants to share the things that have made him successful. 

Are you tired of sleeping through CEU classes? We are always offering innovative and exciting look and learn type classes that give you credit for license renewal, while learning useful techniques to take back to the salon.

Are you looking for something a little more intimate and designed for your salon's needs? We do a variety of in-salon classes, which can be demonstration based or hands-on. All classes are available to be customized.


 4 hour CEU class on Sanitation as directed by the State Board of Cosmetology

CE Vski Association submits all online hours at the end of each week on the following Monday to the University of South Carolina. Once USC receives our submission, it takes USC 5 business days to process your hours and then submit them to LLR. So, it could potentially take 10-12 business days before processing has been started or completed. After you have completed the course and CE Vski submits it to USC, there is no longer anything Vski can do on our end, as much as we wish we could, so be sure to call USC at 803-777-9440 to check status on course renewal, they would be the ones to help you after CE Vski has submitted your course completion.  Hopefully this will save you time and phone calls because the process is now clearer and number is provided to make things easier for answers.

 You will receive a certificate for your records from USC provided you have submitted your mailing address in its entirety (street address, city, state and zip code). 

For any additional questions about CE Vski Online courses please email

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response

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